Well I'm here to meet someone special, please ask me, don't be shy about asking me anything, but with respect please

AllExcited-2 28Y
91 persons
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Can we help each other ❀️ !! Feeling lonely πŸ˜₯.... If you can only teach me 😊

Benyac 30Y
0 persons
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facetatmami 21Y
53 persons
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Hello πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈ We can skip the news "Hey" - try a few more words
The most important thing for me is of course character and personality. πŸ₯° A great sense of humor is required. πŸ€— No stiffness like a railing and constant waves.
It would be nice if you would find time more often to play a few sets of table tennis with me.
As for age, I have no claims. You don't have to limit yourself to numbers, so do not defend yourself and contact you when you are interested. πŸ₯°

pumpkins 26Y
101 persons
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Any Scrabble fan here? That would be great. What would you make of the following letters: XSENAAL?
Can you think of anything? Then let's hear from you and let's play.

Smoothie1 19Y
103 persons
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Katie-Love 31Y
72 persons
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Arielle 29Y
62 persons
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Music lover seeking a partner in crime to rock out with. Bonus points if you can dance like nobody's watching and make me laugh . Let's make beautiful music together!

Bunny_Boo 27Y
53 persons
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Hi. My name is Sienna, I'm 27 years old, divorced a year ago because my ex-husband cheated on me all the time.
I have no children but a cat and a small dog.
Shall we go for a walk together and see if we get along?

Hot_Sienna 27Y
81 persons
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I (27) would like to play the dog for someone. Sleeping in a basket, eating out of a bowl, making little men... everything that goes with it.
I can't quite imagine walking on the street with a leash yet, but maybe I'll get there.
Anyone want to be my mistress?

DayDreamer02 27Y
59 persons
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What I wish for! A goodbye kiss in the morning before work. Another birthday. Laugh with you at some nonsense. We'll wait and see you again "when are you coming home". Lying next to each other in front of the TV.Have a nice and extensive breakfast together. Protect and be protected. That I'm not complete without you and you without me. Plan your vacation together and pay attention to each other's needs. SIMPLY "We together" is what I wish for. maybe you too?

Prince_02 24Y
52 persons
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Looking for a kind-hearted guy to explore the world with. I love hiking , trying new foods , and spending time with friends and family . Let's see where this journey takes us!

Ally20 20Y
120 persons
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I'm looking for a bit of exciting adventures and looking forward to making some nice relationships here...

Summer 27Y
106 persons
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Now that might be a bit strange, but I'd like to be a human buffet.
Not that anyone should eat me. I would like to be naked and covered in all sorts of delicious things and then people help themselves.
The more people eat, the more you can see of me. I find that totally exciting.

Innocence55 19Y
93 persons
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Sweet and sassy girl seeking a kind-hearted and confident man to share life's adventures with. Let's make each other laugh and create unforgettable memories.

Bilovevala 24Y
121 persons
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I dream of anal sex. My partner says he finds it disgusting and I should find someone else to do it. I know he doesn't really mean it, but now I think I'll just do it. Sine at least he said so.

Excellencia 25Y
66 persons
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Hey, looking for men with experience. Have had the fantasy of having an affair for a long time, maybe I have the opportunity to become one here

Erokatrina 40Y
136 persons
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Miss_Jasmine 43Y
60 persons
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I f18 am single and haven't had the chance to masturbate in days, and now that I have the time I'm not getting horny, is that supposed to tell me something?

brown_angel 18Y
218 persons
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Mia-Lope 21Y
68 persons
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Mayra 28Y
61 persons
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I'm always naked at home and I know for a fact that the man across the street is watching me with binoculars.
I purposely have no curtains on the windows and I pretend not to notice.
But that makes me really horny.

NaughtyNadine 50Y
100 persons
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Can you dance? I don't mean disco hopping around.
I'm looking for a man who also likes to hit the dance floor at the weekend
You don't have to be perfect, but a nice rumba or waltz should be possible.
Maybe you shouldn't be too fat either, but you can have a little something on your ribs.
I'm 27 years old, single, long blonde hair, slim, no children and, as I said, I love to dance.
If you are interested, please get in touch.

Flame-me 27Y
71 persons
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I am a woman with a big open heart. I am a person who is able to bring joy and comfort to those close to me. I am very feminine and I know that my man will be happy with me. Also, I have a very good sense of humor. And never sad or upset.

Terkvvm 31Y
65 persons
voted as secret
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