Very wise words

Agony 19Y
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If you want to get to know me, I advise you to write to me. to avoid misunderstandings: i don't want a serious relationship, i don't want to be enslaved and i don't want to make videos or anything like that, i just want to have fun, without any obligations!

Taradearly 40Y
330 persons
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RockoStarro 38Y
241 persons
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I wish you were here Adventurous, sensual, culture-interested, music-interested slim woman is looking for a partner to share the beautiful moments.You should be sporty, humorous. Would you like to get to know each other over a glass of wine?

Sassymom 36Y
263 persons
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Carolyn 52Y
255 persons
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Do you also want to save a bit on heating costs? Then you could cuddle up on the sofa and watch nice films.
Plus chocolate, chips and mulled wine. Does that sound like a romantic evening to you?
I could well imagine that. I have a cozy blanket but somehow I'm missing something.
I'm 28 years old, 1.68 tall (or short), slim, brown hair, athletic, but I can also be pretty lazy.
I am creative in many areas and am looking for someone who is not just boring. is that you? 28Y
271 persons
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Now I feel almost like new, only there is one little thing missing that makes me complete. Who helps?

love 27Y
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Hi. Is there a man out there who doesn't stare at his cell phone all day?
For whom Facebook is not as important as real friends and real contacts?
I would like to talk to a man and look him in the eye and not keep wondering what he is doing on his cell phone.
By the way, I'm 29 years old with a very pretty face. Maybe you like me, it could be.

DeluxLisa 29Y
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hey, i'm trying to help my luck a bit, i'm looking for a dear woman who shares my passion and is willing to go through thick and thin with me. If you are also romantic and sensitive and enjoy life to the fullest, then you are exactly the right person for me. πŸŒŸπŸ·πŸŽ‰ I can't wait to discover the world with you and enjoy every second with you. Let's experience an unforgettable time together and let our love go up in flames.

OuttaLove 22Y
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Spring is just around the corner and I want to fall in love again Do you like women with curves and still have a lot of fun with ...? And not just like flowering ... Then get in touch very quickly. I would like to start again with a partner at my side who suits me. It would be nice if you wanted to travel (even without a plane) and want to enjoy. I find it very important. If you now also have the 3 HS, you will get to know nothing in the way. Photo would be great.

Dremyst 43Y
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I'm always looking for new and exciting things. I'm always direct and say what I think, man has to like it or not.
Since you are looking at my profile here, you are definitely not looking for a new best friend and that's a good thing... I'm looking and wanting fun!

Honeybee 19Y
346 persons
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Help requested in search of love; The size wouldn't matter, a smaller one would also do . not infinitely resilient but very passionate, romantic, melancholic but joking, shy, a bit sporty, interested in culture but not diligent, if that doesn't put you off I'll wait for a word or two from you. 26Y
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Hi, I'm Clara (22). I'm single, open-minded and adventurous. I'm not looking for the man for life here, but the man / men to have fun together.

Clara 22Y
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Turtle life

Emma 23Y
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Hollywoods best kept secret: SOLVED!

Bianca_Love 23Y
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Lily 45Y
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Lady_Jojo 51Y
259 persons
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Hello, I dare you, are you the one who melts my heart and shares my passion. If you are romantic, sensitive and adventurous then you are the right person for me. I can't wait to explore the world with you and enjoy every moment to the fullest. Let's experience an unforgettable time together and let our love go up in flames. are you ready for a new adventure? Then contact me

FunnyBunny 18Y
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Yea pretty much

AllSouthBabe 41Y
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Diana.21 45Y
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what i'm looking for entertainment and love for men there are also other topics such as sex life my hobbies are i enjoy nature i like to ride a bike and i've been learning to sing for a year now i would be happy if you could also write normally

Allison 19Y
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Any riders present here? I love to go horseback riding on weekends. But I also really like dogs.
However, I don't have one because I go to work and think that I don't have enough time.
I am looking for a man who also likes to ride horses and is fond of animals. However, you should also have a job.
I don't want someone who sits at home lazily all day.
I am 29 years old, I would say slim but not thin, I have long hair and I would like a well-groomed beard on a man.
Do you feel addressed? Let's chat a bit, that can't hurt.

RedRosa_swt 26Y
293 persons
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Hello you men out there. Why is it so hard to meet someone who is a normal person.
I would like to find a man who has a sense of humor and doesn't see everything so tensely.
Do you feel addressed? Then let me know. I, 27 years am always in a good mood. Let's laugh together.

Tanitraer 27Y
313 persons
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Babe_Alexa 22Y
274 persons
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